The Conference will be held in the Congress centre of the Slovak Academy of Sciences (Smolenice Castle) at Smolenice (60 km away from Bratislava). The Opening Session will begin on Monday, 3 June 2024, at 9:30 a.m.

The scientific program of the conference will be arranged so that the particular fields will be introduced by invited plenary lectures, each lasting 45 minutes.

All contributions will be grouped according to the above listed topics taking into account the wishes of participants shown in the Registration Form and, in particular, the content of their contributions.

Accepted contributions will be presented as:

  • plenary lectures (30 minutes, discussion including),
  • section lectures (15 minutes, discussion including),
  • young scientists section lectures (10 minutes, discussion including),
  • posters

The complete scientific program of the Conference will be available later at Scientific Program – Timetable, and the participants will be informed about the time and form of the presentation of their contributions in advance.

It is expected that the scientific program shall be focused on the following topics:

  • A — Electronic, molecular and crystal structures
    New theoretical approaches and experimental techniques applied in structural investigation of inorganic compounds and materials, coordination compounds and biocomplexes
  • B — Solution and solid state reactivity
    Synthesis and characterization, spectral and magnetic properties of coordination compounds, electrochemistry, thermochemistry, photochemistry, catalysis, speciation of complexes in solutions
  • C — Applied inorganic and coordination chemistry
    Nanomaterials, magnetic materials, optomaterials, exploitation of physical and chemical properties of inorganic and coordination compounds and composites, supramolecular devices, superconductors
  • D — Complexes in human medicine and the environment
    Preparation, structure, chemical, biological properties and function of therapeutical agents and enzymes, natural and model biocomplexes, catalyzed destruction of environmental pollutants

Important Dates

Registration deadline: 18 March 2024
Abstract deadline: 8 April 2024
Payment deadline: 20 April 2024
Late Payment deadline: 1 May 2024
Conference date: 2–7 June 2024


Faculty of Chemical and Food Technology
Department of Inorganic Chemistry
Radlinského 9
812 37, Bratislava
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